United States of America Quiz Questions and Answers [Test-02]

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Welcome to your United States of America Quiz Questions and Answers [Test-02]

01. What is the FBI motto?

02. Where are the headquarters of FBI?

03. Who has done the role of American President in the film Independence Day?

04. Which city was known as New Amsterdam?

05. Who had the longest tenure as President of USA?

06. If the President and Vice President of USA die at the same time who becomes the President?

07. What is the number of judges in Federal Supreme Court?

08. Which is the first 24 hours news channel in USA?

09. On which of the North American Great Lakes is Cleveland, Ohio, located?

10. The mouth of which river was discovered in 1673 by the French explorers Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet while they were canoeing down the Mississippi River?

11. In which two U.S. states is Okefenokee Swamp located?

12. Where in the United States is Death Valley?

13. Which boundary in the United States, together with the Ohio River, was regarded in the pre-Civil War period as the dividing line between the slave-holding states in the South and the free-soil states in the North?

14. Which major U.S. city is closest to the junction of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers?

15. Which large city in southeastern Michigan was founded by Antoine Laumet de la Mothe Cadillac?

16. Which U.S. city is situated at the confluence of the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers?

17. Into which bay does the Potomac River flow?

18. What U.S. city is New Hampshire’s only seaport?

19. Who founded the settlement that later grew into the city of Chicago?

20. In what U.S. state can the world’s tallest trees be found?

21. In what U.S. state is Pavlof Volcano located?

22. Tallahassee is the capital of which U.S. state?

23. Which of these lakes is entirely within the United States?

24. What animal did William F. Cody’s Wild West show introduce to audiences in London?

25. Where was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?

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